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We team up with young adults and adults of all ages that need guidance and teach them marketable and life skills for the betterment of their lives and future.


King Holiday Week

Week leading to Dr. Martin Luther King, JR's Birthday in January


Our members volunteered, assisted, and participated in week-long events hosted by the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission throughout the state of Arkansas.

Letter from the Founder


411 West 19th Avenue; Pine Bluff, AR 71601

P,O. BOX 2147, PINE BLUFF, AR. 71613-2147


From the desk of Marty Guajardo, Founder and Director


Who we are:

TMP Amici Aeternum is a (non-profit organization*) that believes in the betterment of life and future for everyone by assisting one person at a time, so they can better the lives of others as they pay it forward. Dedicated to saving those lives by empowering individuals and communities through many efforts such as education, resources, volunteering, mentoring, and more. We believe in the improvement of each other’s lives, by exposing a true depiction of what we can become.  It’s our core belief that the only way we can rise and succeed is together.  Remembering where we came from but not being a product, bound or shackled by our genealogy, family dynamics, environment, or past. Promoting understanding and acceptance of human equality as a way to build relationships and communities, enhancing those communities with the hidden talents that those ashamed of their past are afraid to use because they were told they would not succeed.

At TMP Amici Aeternum we embrace all who seek to better their life. Services we provide are as follow:

  1. Translators - we provide translators for those who need Spanish to English or English to Spanish. (Proporcionamos traductores para quieñes necesitan español a ingles ó ingles a español.)

  2. Education - assisting those in school or college with their educational needs and those without a high school diploma or GED assist them in getting one and a Trade skill if needed.

    1. We also educate them of their rights that people fought hard and died for such as the right to get an education despite race, age or sexual orientation and the right to VOTE.

  3. Re-entry - we will assist you in the 12-step program, finding resources for your re-entry process such as how to fill out an application, job search, resumes, interviewing practice and more. 

  4. Documentation:

    1. Birth certificate assistance

    2. Social Security Card assistance

    3. State issued ID or Drivers License assistance

  5. Business Services - we assist business in all aspects of marketing, wed site set-up and more. (call, text or email for more information.)

  6. Spiritual - provide spiritual guidance through an array of interdenominational data base. Every individual is free to practice their religion in the manner of their choosing, as mandated by the First Amendment, so long as that expression does not impinge upon the rights or freedoms of others and is in accordance with the government’s laws. 

  7. Community service - with our partners we assist in providing volunteer opportunities for community service hours for our members.  

  8. Other Services - If needed we will assist you in finding the right resource or services that can assist you when we cannot, such as the following:

    1. Jobs Training (Job Corps)

    2. Food assistance - DHS, Churches, etc.

    3. Emergency Housing - Salvation Army, etc.

    4. and other needs that are or are not in our database. 

If there is anything, we at TMP Amici Aeternum can do to assist you, your community or business please let us know, we are more than willing to do what we can to see you succeed. Please visit our website and Facebook page for more information or you can call, text or email us at the above information provided.




Marty Guajardo, Founder and Director


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